Community Charity Spotlight: Heart and Stroke Foundation

Heart and Stroke Foundation

When you run the BMO Vancouver Marathon this spring, your steps can pave the way to a healthier life for you and for others across BC.

The Heart and Stroke Foundation is proud to be a beneficiary of the 2013 BMO Vancouver Marathon, and together with your support, we can help give Canadians longer, fuller lives.

Every seven minutes, heart disease and stroke take the life of one Canadian… too soon.

That’s why the Heart and Stroke Foundation funds research, advocacy and education and awareness to stop Canadians from losing valuable years of life and vitality to heart disease and stroke – and to help them Make Health Last.

Vern Parton had a stroke just one year ago. If you were to meet him today, you would never know he is a stroke survivor – and you would not have a sense of the painstaking recovery he has made over the past year.

Vern was lucky his wife recognized the signs of stroke in time to get to the hospital and receive a lifesaving drug for stroke, called tPA.

Heart and Stroke Foundation researchers helped pioneer tPA, a drug which can not only save lives from stroke, but can dramatically reduce the impact it has and the length of the path to recovery, if received in time.

By supporting the Heart and Stroke Foundation, you can help people like Vern. With your support the Heart and Stroke Foundation continues to fund research to discover new and ever more powerful medical advances and technologies. We also bring critical messages of awareness about warning signs, and about prevention to people in BC. And we create practical tools and advocate for changes in our communities that will make it easier for us all to live healthier, fuller lives.

Be a part of building a better future with healthy lives, free of heart disease and stroke, by fundraising for the Heart and Stroke Foundation when you run the BMO Vancouver Marathon. You can register to pledge raise for the Foundation by registering on our Fit for Heart website Here                                         Together we will Make Health Last.

To learn more about the work of the Heart and Stroke Foundation, visit:

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The Heart and Stroke Foundation  does amazing things for our community and the communities they serve. Support them and give back by making a donation during registration. To make additional donations after registration or to invite family and friends to donate, visit our Donate Now page. Thank you for helping to make a great impact for our community!


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