Featured Athlete: Canada’s Rika Hatachi

Event up-date: Runners from over 60 countries, and nearly all American States, have already registered for this year’s BMO Vancouver Marathon race weekend!


Elite Athlete Rika Hatachi will be competing in this year’s BMO Vancouver Marathon. She shares her training plan and race tips here.

Rika Hatachi of Coquitlam, BC, has been training all winter long with her husband and fellow runner, Tatsuya Hatachi, for this year’s BMO Vancouver Marathon. Due to the excess rain and snow, this past winter in Vancouver has been tough to train in – worse than any other winter since she has began training for Marathon races. During the poor Fall and Winter weather, Rika and Tatsuya have been working on strength training and have been going for shorter runs. With only two months left to train for the Marathon, Rika and Tatsuya are now planning backwards from race day.

Rika’s Training Plan until May 7

  • Until Mid-March:
    • On weekends: start with slower and longer runs to build-up base stamina.
    • On weekdays before work: work on strength training and shorter runs on the treadmill, including hill-training and intervals. At least one swim during the week, partially for recovering, and also to improve basic cardiorespiratory function at the same time.
  • Mid-March to Mid-April:
    • On weekends: increase the pace of longer runs. Try to pace-up towards the end of the run when possible.
    • On weekdays before work: start running more on the track and include some intensive training, such as intervals or middle-pace runs.
  • Mid-April to Race Day:
    • Start reducing the distance but keep the pace and intensity.
    • Focus more on recovery between runs.

Tatsuya’s Training Plan until May 7


  • 平日(水曜以外)は、LSD(キロ6分半~7分半)で2時間もしくは20キロ
  • 水曜日はスピード練習(1,000m@キロ3分半×5本インターバルもしくは、15キロペース走@キロ4分)
  • 週末、土、日どちらかはロング(キロ5分~6分)で30キロもしくは3時間
  • 週末月1回 30キロペース走@レースペース




Why Vancouver?

Rika finds Vancouver to be a great destination for all types of runners because of its climate, sights, people and the course.

Vancouver boasts a perfect running temperature in May – it’s not too cold and not too warm. Runners can enjoy the beautiful scenery throughout the course, and go sightseeing before or after the race as well. “The event is filled with great volunteers and spectators, and the local runners are all so enthusiastic about running. The race organizers are very dedicated to improving the quality of this event in all aspects,” shares Hatachi. “The course is attractive for both ‘fun runners’ and ‘competitive runners.’ ‘Fun runners’ can enjoy the clean air, beautiful nature and scenery, and the fun, festive atmosphere of this event. And ‘competitive runners’ can enjoy the fast and challenging course, and aim for their PB.”


The event is filled with great volunteers and spectators, and the local runners are all so enthusiastic about running…








Race Tips for the BMO Vancouver Marathon

When running the Marathon, Rika breaks down the long 42.2KM to several sections, and clears them one by one so the entire course does not feel as long. She suggests keeping a steady pace along the start and downhill sections of the course. Along the Stanley Park Seawall, Rika notes the various curves along the path and suggests trying to find and follow the “shortest” route, and assures it will make quite a difference in your finish time. Down the homestretch, you can start seeing more people cheering you on, and this is when you know you’ve made it. This is the moment you can truly enjoy your accomplishment!


Rika & Tatsuya Hatachi

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