RUNVAN®, Run False Creek


False Creek is a historic Vancouver neighbourhood known for its inlet in the heart of the city that separates downtown from the rest of Vancouver. Discovered in the mid-1850s, False Creek was named by a British surveyor who was disappointed to find out that the “creek” did not connect to Vancouver’s harbour, and instead was a short inlet. False Creek was industrialized during the early 1900’s, with several sawmills and factories. The area was undertaken by the city as an urban renewal project during the 1980’s in preparation for the Expo 86.

Located in the heart of Vancouver, False Creek is now a residential area with a popular boating hub and a transportation route for many locals and tourists. High-rise apartments line the north shore of False Creek, while Science World and the 2010 Winter Olympics Athlete’s Village are located southeast. Canoes and kayaks can be seen on the waters, with paddling events, such as the Canadian International Dragon Boat Festival, taking place during the summer.

For runners, the Half Marathon course provides a beautiful 2.5KM stretch of False Creek with a scenic route along the inlet, passing by Science World and BC Place, some of Vancouver’s famous landmarks. The waterfront apartments, shops, and restaurants along False Creek are a great sight for all Half Marathon runners.