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The neighbourhood of Kitsilano, or “Kits” as the locals call it, is characterized by its beautiful shoreline, parks, and restaurants. Its close proximity to the beach, downtown, and Granville Island make this one of the most popular neighbourhoods in Vancouver.

Runners can experience the city’s trendy neighbourhood and gorgeous shoreline through marks 25KM-29KM during the course of the Marathon!

Originally home to the Squamish people during the 1800’s, the area was named after the Squamish Chief leader, August Jack Khatsahlano. During the 1960’s, the area flourished as the main hub of hippie culture. Although this has changed with subsequent decades of urbanization, organizations such as Greenpeace was founded in Kits.


The Sights

Kitsilano is home to some of Vancouver’s best family-friendly attractions, including the Museum of Vancouver, the H.R. MacMillan Space Centre, and the Vancouver Maritime Museum. Continue along the waterfront, and you’ll reach Kitsilano Beach – or “Kits Beach,” – complete with volleyball tournaments, picnic spots, and an outdoor saltwater pool.

The neighbourhood is also well known for its cultural festivals, and its ties to the local art community. With live theatre performances and concerts outdoors, the warmer months attract many visitors to this area. Vanier Park, which hosts some of these performances, also boasts three museums, providing tourists of all ages with a wide range of activities.

Photo: Nelson Mouellic / Tourism Vancouver


Explore Kitsilano

Kits Beach

Kits Beach, one of the trademarks of this vibrant neighbourhood, offers a stunning backdrop of the North Shore mountains against the blue sea. Swimmers can also enjoy the scenic view from Kits Pool, Canada’s longest pool, extending 137m along the beach. A popular spot during the summer months, Kits Beach is the perfect place to play volleyball, jog, or sunbathe.

Photo: Nelson Mouellic / Tourism Vancouver

Food and Drinks

Down by the water, along the foot of Yew Street and along Cornwall, are lots of casual, neighbourhood bars and restaurants. Many of these restaurants specialize in seafood, along with wines and cocktails to match.

West Broadway is where a lot of Vancouver’s Greek immigrants originally settled, and you won’t go wrong choosing something inspired by the Mediterranean in that part of the neighbourhood. West 4th, on the other hand, boasts more polished dining with lots of multicultural flavour and fusion cuisine.


Lifestyle shopping is where Kitsilano excels. Along West 4th, you’ll find a number of outdoor apparel companies, fashion boutiques, cafes, beauty and skincare stores, and spas. Kitsilano was voted the “Best Shopping Neighbourhood” by the Vancouver Courier.

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Kitsilano houses three of Vancouver’s best family-friendly attractions, including the Museum of Vancouver, H.R. MacMillan Space Centre, and the Vancouver Maritime Museum.

Photo: Kitsilano Chamber of Commerce / Tourism Vancouver