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Live Tracking

Sportstats West, our official timing company is providing a live tracking feature which posts social media updates for Marathon, Half Marathon and 8KM participants. You can sign up to have your progress posted to your Facebook wall and/or Twitter feed, or have a friend sign up to follow you! The feature will track the runner’s chip to the timing mats on course and post updates with the runner’s location and time as they pass over the mats.

Timing mats will be located at the following points:

  • Marathon: Start Line, 13km, 21.1km, Finish Line
  • Half Marathon: Start Line, 5.5km, 10.5km, Finish Line
  • 8KM: Start Line and Finish Line

If you would like the app to post updates to your Facebook page, click HERE
If you would like the app to post updates to your Twitter account, click HERE

Detailed instructions:
1. Click on the event drop-down list and select: 2014 BMO Vancouver Marathon
2. Search by last name or bib number to find the participant you wish to follow
3. Click on the name of the participant so that it appears highlighted, then click the sign-up button at the bottom of the screen, and you’re all set!

If you wish to follow more than one participant, simply repeat these steps for each individual you wish to follow.

Also, if your friends or family want to cheer for you, click here to see the best spectator locations based on a runner’s average pace.