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Run For Change

Run for Change Society

Thanks to the vision of one man, Benji Chu, Run for Change was founded 2010, because he realized the power of running made him feel healthier, happier, more disciplined and that it built up his confidence.  He also felt that a lot of people have challenges and if he shared his experience and passion with  others, they  could benefit from this same sense of empowerment and achievement, so he started Run For Change (RFC) . And he has seen a lot of great results!

RFC works in partnership with Carnegie Community Centre  and it welcomes anyone, especially those living in shelters or recovery shelters, low-income,  and homeless people living in Vancouver’s Downtown East Side, to a healthier, more active  lifestyle through regular running/walking.  As well as providing running shoes and running clothes to those that need them, RFC sponsors its participants in local running events, such as the Vancouver Sun Run, as well as it’s own annual 5km Fun Run in August that is free of charge to participants. This annual run provides people with an opportunity to set a goal, and recognizes their achievements by giving out medals, food, t-shirts and an opportunity to win draw prizes, simply by crossing the finish line and making an effort.

Our primary mission is to provide a viable community that supports their path to a better life through the free, regular, running/walking programs and events. RFC aims to be a tool of empowerment that gives participants the opportunity to set goals, build their confidence and make positive life changes. Our secondary mission is to develop role models and mentors from the DTES who can understand the participants’ unique needs and serve as an invaluable network of support.

And there have been some positive changes! Many have set goals and found that being around positive people is up-lifting and that helps make it easier to reach those goals.  Others, whom have suffered with alcohol and drug addiction have found motivation “to keep fired up and keep rolling”  Last year, Run For Change had over 40 walkers and runners finish the Vancouver Sun Run which inspired our runners to enter and complete the BMO half marathon, many of whom are excited about this year’s BMO marathon, as well.  “It’s success to make it!  In the number of years I have been running, I have never made it that far.”  RK

And then there is Brad.  An amazing endurance runner who hopes to promote the awareness of the benefits of the Carnegie Centre and Run For Change through his long distance running.  He is hoping that the great people of Vancouver will support these programs that provide encouragement, positive role models and a helping had to those who need it.

Brad was an aspiring, gifted athlete, but alcohol and drugs led him down a dark path.  At the very young age of  7, he was hospitalized for alcohol poisoning and later he became an uncommitted, disgruntled, pot smoking, alcoholic and gave up on athletics.  Unhappy with the man he became, he wanted to change.  After a rocky two years, he started focussing on more positive ways to better himself and approached Run for Change and asked for their support.  He made the right choice.  He runs regularly with Run for Change.  His passion is running and his goal is to change his life style and be a role model for those around him. For more on Brad’s story, check out our website:

Our vision at Run for Change, is to develop a community of people that support and encourage commitment and goal setting through a more active lifestyle, and to recognize the efforts and achievements of participants to empower positive change….one step at a time.

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Run For Change does amazing things for our community and the communities they serve. Support them and give back by making a donation during registration. To make additional donations after registration or to invite family and friends to donate, visit our Donate Now page. Thank you for helping to make a great impact for our community!


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