Half Marathon


The fast BMO Vancouver Half Marathon starts at 7am on Sunday, May 5, 2019. The Start Line is located inside Queen Elizabeth Park, and the race features a fast downhill start with epic City skyline views. This event is lined with nearly 4,000 volunteers, finishing at an energized downtown Finish Line.

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Date: Sunday, May 5, 2019
Time: 7:00am – must clear Start Line by 7:20am
Start Line: Queen Elizabeth Park
Finish Line: West Pender St. between Bute St. & Thurlow St.
Course Time Limit: 4hrs. Age: 16+ (anyone under the age of 18 must have parental consent)


What is included with Registration

  • Race bib with built-in timing chip
  • Technical t-shirt
  • Commemorative finisher medal
  • Water stations and live entertainment
  • On-course services including toilets, electrolyte, bananas, gels and medical
  • Exciting downtown Finish Line with music, food, a Street Festival, and more!
  • Free Health, Sports & Lifestyle Expo
  • Upgrade to the VIP Prestige Club
  • Become a member of the Legacy Club
  • Consider fundraising for charity
  • Enter to win Team Prizes

Bib Lookup

You will be able to look up your bib number closer to race day by visiting the here.

Package Pickup

There is no package pick-up on race day. Please pick-up your package within Expo Hours:
Thursday, May 2, 5pm-8pm
Friday, May 3, 11am-8pm
Saturday, May 4, 10am-6pm

Every runner is required to pick up their own runner package. Proxy pick up is not available.

How to… You will need your bib number and your picture ID in order to pick-up your race package. Make sure to get everything you came for! Your race package includes race goodies including your race bib and timing chip, and short-sleeved technical shirt.

Prestige Runners have access to an express pick-up line at the Health, Sports & Lifestyle Expo. Look for the special entrance marked Prestige Runners.

TravelSmart to the BMO Vancouver Half Marathon

  • Gear Check: Queen Elizabeth Park (Ontario & 33rd Ave)
  • Start Line: Queen Elizabeth Park (Midlothian Avenue, near Hillcrest Community Centre)
  • Finish Line: Downtown Finish Line (West Pender St between Bute & Thurlow)


TransLink. Traveling to the Start Line of the Half Marathon course is easiest with Canada Line. Take the Canada Line from Downtown Vancouver southbound or from Richmond northbound and get off at King Edward Station, then walk to the Start Line. The walk takes about 15 minutes and volunteers will be there to guide you to the Runner Compound. For more information on public transportation in Vancouver, please visit translink.ca.

Car Drop-offs. If you’d like to be dropped off near the Start Line, we recommend Main Street near East 30th Avenue. Please make sure to give yourself lots of time to walk to the Start Line. Expect delays and lots of traffic, but try to embrace the anticipation and action as it’s all part of the journey!

Shuttles. Bus shuttles from 5 lower mainland locations to the Half Marathon Start Line are also available. Learn more at bmovanmarathon.ca/shuttle.

Start Line

Start Time: 7:00am* (Must clear Start Line by 7:20am)
Start Line: Midlothian Avenue in Queen Elizabeth Park

*Schedule schedule subject to change:

  • 06:00am: Arrive early to experience the Start Line vibe. Get your picture taken!
  • 06:00am-06:15am: Half Marathon Gear Check near Ontario Street and 33rd Ave
  • 06:15am-06:30am: Find your corral!
  • 06:45am: Warm-up Show with music and entertainment!
  • 07.00am: Race begins! First corral runners leave; subsequent corrals to follow
  • 11:00am: Half Marathon course closes

Things to remember

  • Please arrive at least one hour before your race starts if you want to check your gear
  • We encourage all participants to arrive at least 45 minutes early
  • The Start Line is equipped with: toilets, Gear Check, water, a medical tent, and and electrolyte drink.

Please note: the Hillcrest Community Centre washroom, changing, and dining facilities are not available to participants. Thank you.

Gear Check

Gear Check Location: Ontario St. and 33rd Avenue

The BMO Vancouver Half Marathon is a point-to-point course. Utilize Gear Check near the Start Line, and pick-up your gear after crossing the Finish Line.

Bag-in-a-bag Procedure:

  • Put your gear into the 21″x26″ clear plastic bag, found in your race package
  • Detach the label from your race bib and zip it to the bag
  • Bring your bag to the Gear Check counter
  • Half Marathon Gear check closes at 6:45am

Pickup Procedure

  • After you finish, continue along Pender in the Runner Compound to the Gear Check Pickup Area on W Pender St. near Burrard St.
  • Show your bib to the volunteer; your bib number matches the label that you attached your gear
  • Any lost or left items must be claimed from the Information Tent at the Finish Line by 5pm on race day


BMOVM.M.Images-1000x300-A-1-2016-Corrals.JeffBell.VancouverMarathonA corral is an area at a Start Line where race runners are grouped according to their Estimated Finish Time, with the faster runners closer to the front. Corrals are enforced at many large-scale running events to ensure a safe and efficient start and to prevent line-ups at aid and water stations along the course.

Here’s how it works: Your corral is assigned to you according to your Estimated Finish Time, which you are asked to provide as part of your registration process. If you would like to utilize an Estimated Finish Time calculator click here.

You will be able to check your bib number and corral colour about two weeks before the event. After picking up your bib during Expo hours, you’ll see that the colour along the bottom edge of your bib corresponds to the colour of your corral. Once assigned to a corral you may not switch to another.

Pace Bunnies

Pace Bunnies may look cute in their pink rabbit ears, but it’s serious business trying to run even splits – or each kilometre at the same pace – for a Half Marathon. Pace Bunnies help you maintain your pace, so you can race. Pace Bunnies are located in each corral and can help you finish with your goal race time!

Most of the Pace Bunnies provided by Running Room will be consistently running 10 minutes and then walking 1 minute for “10’s and 1’s”.

Half Marathon Pace Times: 1:30, 1:45, 2:00, 2:15, 2:30

Clocks and KM / Mile Markers

The Half Marathon course is marked every kilometre and every five miles.

Digital clocks are positioned at the Start Line, Halfway Point, and Finish Line. These clocks are synced with the official Start Time but please note digital clocks at the Finish Line will display “unofficial” finish times – “official” finish times are unique to each individual runner’s chip and available online post-race.

Note: Corrals or groups of Half Marathon runners are released in intervals to avoid congestion at stations and to ensure safe emergency access to Vancouver’s major hospital. AIMS officials have ratified and sanctioned this event.


Enjoy a world-class experience while racing this fast Half Marathon. Find music, cheering and spectators on-course to motivate, inspire, and entertain you!

Learn more about the Entertainment and the Community Challenge presented by Chevron that allows fans to win prizing too!

Finish Line

The big downtown Finish Line features thousands of spectators, entertainment, and a Finish Line Street Festival.

Cross the Finish Line in style! After all of your hard work, you’ll be congratulated by cheers, volunteers, receive your medal, have a photo opportunity, and enjoy water and food. Next, head over to Gear Pickup, and make your way to the Street Festival on West Hastings Street to relax and celebrate.

BMO Vancouver Marathon Street Festival

Please note:

  • The Runners’ Compound Is available to Runners, Staff & Media Only
  • Keep moving forward once you cross the Finish Line, you may meet your friends at the Street Festival
  • Spectators may watch on W Pender St (before the Finish Line, between Georgia and Bute)
  • Friends and family members may also meet you at the Street Festival on Hasting
  • Once you pick-up your finisher food, you may proceed to the exit and gear check on West Hastings near Burrard
  • You may not re-enter the compound once you exit and enter the Street Festival

Results and Live Feed

For your Finish Time, visit the Results Tent at the Street Festival or check online at bmovanmarathon.ca/results

You’ll also be able to share live tracking and a livefeed

Sportstats West is our official timing company.

Find historical results at bmovanmarathon.ca/results, and Event Records at bmovanmarathon.ca/records

Timing mats will be located at the following points:

  • Marathon: Start Line, 13KM, 21.1KM, Finish Line
  • Half Marathon: Start Line, 5.5KM, 10.5KM, Finish Line

Age Groups and Awards

Both male and female runners are automatically entered into the following competitive age groups: under 19; 20-24; 25-29; 30-34; 35-39; 40-44; 45-49; 50-54; 55-59; 60-64; 65-69; 70-74; 75-79; 80-84; 85-89; 90-94; 95-99; 100 and above.

Winners will be recognized and first place finishers will receive free entry into the following year’s race! Chip time, not gun time, will determine age group awards.

Legacy Runners

The Legacy Runners Club recognizes runners who have participated in and completed the Vancouver Marathon, Half Marathon or 8KM event multiple times since their inaugural dates of 1972, 1989, and 2008, respectively. Legacy runners of 15, 20, and 25 or more years, receive special perks as recognition for their dedication and amazing accomplishments. Find more details and a list of the Legacy Runners on the runvan.org website.

Planning for the Weather

Please plan for all types of weather on Race Day. You should prepare for changes in the weather during the race as well as be properly equipped for post-race recovery. Consider checking warm gear at Gear Check to be used after racing, or ask someone from your support crew to bring warm clothing to the Finish Line. Please note that Finish Line blankets will not be provided. While we hope for sunshine, we encourage you to plan in advance for our Westcoast weather. To view race day notices and expected event conditions, click here.

Finisher Food

Food is provided to every runner at the Finish Line. You’ll also receive on-course services.

Friendship Run

Meet John Stanton the day before the Half Marathon for a fun run that will stretch your legs and relax you before your big race!

Meet your pace bunny and get a few last minute tips from John Stanton, founder of the Running Room. After, head out for a short fun run or walk to loosen up your legs and work out any last minute nervous energy. More info at the Running Room Store – 679 Denman Street, Vancouver, BC. P: 604 684 9771

Road Closures

The event follows a rolling road closure/opening protocol. This means that roads will close and later re-open as runners pass through the course; NO roads are closed for the entire duration of the race. Consequently, the BMO Vancouver Half Marathon has an event time requirement of 4 hours.

Participants must maintain an 10-minute per kilometre pace (approximately) and complete the Half Marathon distance — Start Line to Finish Line — within the four-hour event time requirement.

If you or someone you know lives along the course, or if you are traveling to and from Vancouver for the event, please be aware that extensive street closures will take place on Race Day. Further, “No Parking” zones along the course will be enforced in the early morning hours on Race Day.

Further information is available on our Road Closure page. TravelSmart to the BMO Vancouver Marathon.

Visually Impaired Policy

Visually impaired participants are welcome, and must use a ‘Guide’ and be comfortable starting in the first corral with Elite Athletes. For more information, please contact [email protected] or call 604 872 2928.

Wheelchair Athletes

Athletes with racing wheelchairs are welcome to participate in the Half Marathon and 8KM events only. Hand-cycles are prohibited. Please indicate that you would like to register as a wheelchair athlete by emailing [email protected] or by calling 604 872 2928. Arrangements can be made to transport a participant’s non-racing wheelchair to the Finish Line if requested. We will allow individuals with a disability to be pushed in a race approved wheelchair in the Half Marathon only. Both participants must be registered; please contact [email protected] or call 604 872 2928 to register. Escorts will be required to have the wheelchair tethered to their body (arm, wrist or waist) to ensure the wheelchair does not leave their company for the duration of the event.

All wheelchair participants must submit a picture of their race wheelchair for approval. Please email [email protected] For all sub-50 minute wheelchair participants in the Half Marathon, you may be forced to slow your pace if the course representative from AIMS, BC Athletics, or BC Wheelchair determines there is a road safety issue. The Vancouver International Marathon Society reserves the right at any time to revoke the privilege of participants if a safety risk is determined. Thank you for understanding.

Note: Details subject to change. This event is organized by the local non-profit Vancouver International Marathon Society.