Marathon Relay

Run the Marathon Relay as a team!

Finish the race together.

The Marathon Relay is a fun event that welcomes corporate groups, charity fundraisers, families and friends to experience the stunning BMO Vancouver Marathon course. In teams of two, three or four, Marathon Relay participants will each run a portion of the Marathon course, ending at the same exciting downtown Finish Line as the Marathon, Half Marathon and 8KM participants. Approximate distances are as follows:

  • Runner A (Leg A) – 12KM
  • Runner B (Leg B) – 12KM
  • Runner C (Leg C) – 5KM
  • Runner D (Leg D) – 13KM

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Each leg will be timed. Your ‘baton’ will be a timing chip worn around your waist that will be passed between team members in designated exchange zones. Runner split times will include the exchange zone time, meaning Runner A’s time will include their Leg of the race, plus the time of the relay exchange (Runner B time will include their Leg of the race, plus the time of the relay exchange, etc). Before the Relay Exchange Zone you will have advance notice to stay right (Marathon runners will stay left). Exchanges take place in designated Relay Exchange Zones where there will be tons of excitement!

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How to register a Marathon Relay team


The Team Captain signs-up everyone. Download and send this sheet to your teammates to complete. Team Captains require their teammates’ personal information including name, gender, birth-date and age, email address, address, emergency contact and shirt size. During the registration process there is an opportunity to submit this teammate info. Marathon Relay teammates will then receive a subsequent e-waiver that they must sign in order to complete the transaction.

The Team Captain will submit an overall Estimated Finish Time and pay for the entire Relay team at check-out. If you are the Team Captain and want to collect payment from your teammates, please coordinate that exchange on your own behalf. If you want to change team members, please email [email protected]

Marathon Relay, Race Day


On race morning, team members will gather at the Relay Shuttle Start pick-up and gear check location, near the Canada Line at Oakridge-41st Station. (Note: This gear check is in a different location than the regular Marathon). Leg A runners will walk to the Start Line in Queen Elizabeth Park while shuttles will transport Leg B, C and D runners to their designated Relay Exchange Zones along the Marathon course at staggered start times.

Gear pick up for all runners will be at the Relay Reunion Area at the Street Festival. No Gear Pick up will be available at Exchange Zones. Leg A, B and C runners and will be shuttled to the downtown Finish Line to meet up with the last runner at the Relay Reunion Area. Buses will depart from Relay Exchange Zones once they become full. Water and toilets will be available at each Exchange Zone.

For more details, see Marathon Relay Event Details.

Marathon Relay Race Details

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