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Sport Tour Operators

The BMO Vancouver Marathon works with international tour groups that offer travel, accommodation and race entry packages for national and international participants. The following tour operators have packages available for runners and guests. Please contact the groups directly to inquire about race entry and travel details. If you are sport tour operator and wish to inquire about our program, please contact [email protected] or +1604-872-2928.

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Brazil / Brasil

LC Tours Logo

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Shanghai Sica Commercial Consultation Co., Ltd.

605, Bldg.D, Hanqiao Cultural Parl 1471 Yaobei Rd. Songjiang District, Shanghai, China
400-850-9678 | [email protected]




Canada China Sports Exchange Federation

Add: 5080-4000 No. 3 Road, Richmond  BC Canada V6X 0J8

+ 1604-500-9793 | [email protected]




8899 Odlin Crescent
Richmond, B.C. V6X 3Z7  Canada
Main contact: Henry Yau, President


France / France

Germany / Deutschland

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Japan / 日本

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  Wonderland Tours Inc. has been part of our event for more than a decade. They make sure Japanese participants get the best of Vancouver and experience the BMO Vancouver Marathon in the best way possible! Wonderland Tours Inc. is  collaborating with Marathon Network in Japan.
Kintetsu Logo

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H.I.S Canada Inc.  Vancouver Branch

636 Hornby St.
Vancouver, BC V6C 2G2


JTB International (Canada) Ltd.

8889 Odlin Crescent
Richmond, BC V6X 3Z7

Mexico / México

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Running Mexico Logo

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Vija Viajes Logo

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Netherlands / Nederland

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United States of America

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