Volunteer FAQs

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Do I need to register in order to volunteer?

Yes, all volunteers are required to register in order to volunteer. Registration is available online on our official website www.bmovanmarathon.ca under the volunteer section.

How do I know if I’m registered?

You will receive an email confirmation after you have completed your volunteer registration. Please ensure that you are providing a valid email address during registration.

May I pick up someone else’s volunteer package?

No. To keep our event secure and safe for all participants, volunteers and spectators, we require all volunteers to pick up their own packages.   You need to show your own picture ID when picking up your volunteer package. Captains and Zone Leaders are the only ones that may be allowed to collect volunteer packages as approved and assigned by the Vancouver International Marathon Society.

Where do I pick up my volunteer package?

The volunteer package pickup location will depend on your role. Instructions will be sent via email.

Where is the Expo?

The Expo is located at the Vancouver Convention Centre, West Building.

Can I register on event/race day?

No, there will be no volunteer registration on race day.

Will I receive a map of my volunteer post?

Yes. Maps are included in the volunteer package. Extra copies will be available at the event. To get the most out of the event, be sure to familiarize yourself with the Course, Start, Finish and Expo locations. There are many changes from last year’s event.

Where does the race start?

The marathon, marathon relay, and half marathon will start on Midlothian Avenue adjacent to Queen Elizabeth Park and Nat Bailey stadium.

Is there parking near the Start/Finish area?

We encourage all volunteers to take transit if possible. If you require parking facilities please review the options online near your volunteer post. All volunteers and participants must adhere to all City traffic postings and bylaws, including pay parking which will be in effect during race day as regulated by the City of Vancouver.

Is there skytrain service on race day?

Please note: Transit times/schedule can be found on translink.ca. The Canada Line will operate at normal levels of service and start times (with No increased frequency). Check translink.ca for transit times. Please note, there will be NO early transit service on Expo Line Skytrain and the SeaBus on race day. Please plan ahead and arrange your own transportation to the Canada Line.

What time do roads start closing?

Road closures begin at midnight on race day.

Where are the Medical Services stationed?

Medical stations will be located at regular intervals along all courses. Additionally, there will be a tent at the Start and a large medical station at the Finish. Please refer to the course map for exact locations.

Please note: If you have a pre-existing medical condition, please indicate this on the registration application form in case of a medical emergency.

What are Water Stations?

Water stations offer runners water, electrolyte drinks and energy gels.

Water stations will be placed at regular intervals along all courses. Water will be available at all water stations while electrolyte sports drinks and Energy Gels will be available at select stations. Please check our website www.bmovanmarathon.ca and our course maps for exact water station locations.

Are there course markers?

Yes, course markers will be at every kilometer.

Are there portable toilets on the course?

There will be portable toilets located in the Start and Finish area, as well as next to water stations on the course.  There are also public toilets in Stanley Park at Lumberman’s Arch, Prospect Point, Second Beach concession and English Bay.

Are there shower facilities?

No, there will be no shower facilities available.

Is there on-course entertainment?

Yes!  There will be entertainment on the course provided at key locations. Check out our community program at www.bmovanmarathon.ca

Where do I return my equipment and assigned supplies?

All volunteers are responsible for the safe keeping and return of all the equipment provided during the event. You will receive instructions from your captain regarding the pickup and return locations for equipment and supplies. Please check in with your captain and hand over all equipment before leaving your assigned area or station.

Are official souvenirs available?

Official souvenir merchandise will be sold at the health, sports and lifestyle Expo!  Come by the Expo to view a range of official souvenir merchandise. The Expo will be held at the Vancouver Convention Centre, West Building.

Are there age restrictions for volunteering at the marathon?

For the safety of volunteers and participants, age restrictions are in place for the all events.  Volunteers must be 18 years or older on race day.

The Vancouver International Marathon Society will accept volunteers under 18 years of age ONLY if the child is accompanied and supervised by their parent or guardian at all times while working together in the same area during the event. Vancouver Marathon is NOT responsible for looking after or managing children who are unaccompanied by their parent or guardian. Children without a parent or guardian will not be permitted on any site.

All school groups with students under 18 years must assign their own respective teacher from the same class or from within the same school to supervise the students at all times.

What do I need to bring to Volunteer Check-In?

Please bring your picture ID (2 pieces of ID) such as Driver’s License and Government Issued Identification Card. Please leave all valuables at home. Do Not bring Passports, Ipods, cameras, Ipads or expensive gadgets to the event. Vancouver International Marathon Society and BMO Vancouver Marathon are Not responsible for any stolen personal items.

Are Ipods/Mp3/headphones allowed in the race or during volunteering?

Due to safety concerns, all music players are prohibited during a volunteer shift.

Volunteer Code of Conduct Policies – Is there a guideline for this?

Yes, please visit our volunteer section to see and read the Guidelines.

I did not receive an Email Confirmation. What can I do?

If you do not receive an email confirmation after completing the online volunteer registration, do not panic, kindly check your Spam or Junk Folder. Please Do Not go back into the system and re-register again until you have contacted us at 604-872-2928 to verify that you are not registered. Kindly note that the following web browsers are not compatible and you will experience difficulties using the registration system if your computer is using the following browsers.

Internet Explorer version 6.x. and older

Opera version 7.x and older

Netscape version 9.x and older

Firefox version 2.x and older

Safari version 2.x and older

Chrome version 2.x and older

Why do I need to do a Police Record Check?

When managing or supervising children under the age of 18 years old. A Police Records Check is required for any person(s) working with children, a person or organization responsible for the well-being of children under the age of 18. This is a requirement needed to proof that anyone entrusted with the responsibility of looking after vulnerable persons due to their age, a disability, or other circumstances, whether temporary or permanent, do not pose a risk and are in a position to be trusted, provide care and offer supervision as is authorized under the Criminal Records Act.