Media accreditation

To apply for Media Accreditation, please complete the online form below. Only one submission per media outlet is necessary, however each staff member requesting a credential should be listed. Note: We anticipate a high-level of media interest and credentials are limited

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Vancouver International Marathon Society provides media passes and credentials for the BMO Vancouver Marathon to the following:

  • Working Press: Individuals who are in the business of newsgathering as their primary source of revenue. Members of the press are defined as those who are full-time, paid employees or representatives of known and established media organizations, including magazines, websites, radio and television stations.
  • Freelance: Journalists, photographers, videographers and bloggers on a specific assignment from a known and established media organization.

Media credentials are not intended for those who sell photographs, footage, or images. Credentials will not be issued to those involved in commercial ventures, unless written consent and specific approval is obtained from the BMO Vancouver Marathon.

General Policies

Accredited photographers, broadcast outlets, and special projects wishing to cover BMO Vancouver Marathon events will observe the following:

  • Be on assignment from recognized organization and use professional equipment
  • Adhere to the assignments and restrictions enumerated prior to and specific to the event
  • Obey all the instructions distributed during credential check-in
  • Only use images or footage taken at an event, including those of athletes competing, for editorial purposes, or for purposes outlined and documented in pre-race agreements

In addition, the following rules must be observed:

  • No standing on the course while runners are competing
  • No climbing fences, traffic or streetlight poles, trees, or other structures
  • Respect and adhere to any directions or restrictions from BMO Vancouver Marathon organizers or security personnel

Media Check-in options

Photo ID will be required for pick-up of your Media Pass. You may pick-up the media kit at the following times:

Health, Sports & Lifestyle Expo
Thursday May 3: 5pm-8pm
Friday May 4: 11am-8pm
Saturday May 5: 10am-6pm

Race Day
Start Line, Sunday May 6 – 6:30am-8:15am; Midlothian Ave & Dinmont Ave.
Finish Line, Sunday May 6 – 7:00am-11:00am; Coast Coal Harbour Hotel, Media Room, Floor 3

Media Tent & Awards Ceremony

Media will be able to access the Media Tent with light refreshments near the Finish Line. You may conduct interviews and take photos at the Finish Line against the event’s photo backdrop. RUNVAN® staff will coordinate interview requests for you.

Once Elite Athletes finish their race, they will be ushered to the Elite Tent to cool down and have a refreshment. Afterwards, they will be made available for interviews and brought over to the Media Tent for you to interview, per request.


For everyone’s safety, photographers should never stand on the course while runners are competing:

  • At the Start Line, photo opportunities are available along the side of Midlothian Ave.
  • At the Finish Line, only approved photographers with a safety vest are allowed into the Photography Zone, marked 30 feet from the Finish Line.

Awards Ceremony

  • Half Marathon Award Ceremony – 9:00am
  • Marathon Awards Ceremony – 11:45am

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