Pace Bunnies

Looking to run a goal time? We want to help you get there and have teamed up to provide you with Running Room Pace Bunnies. They’ll pace so you may race to your goal times!

The following pace groups are available for the 2019 BMO Vancouver Marathon and Half Marathon:

Half Marathon 2019 pace groups
1:30 – Lishan (continuous)
1:40 – Scott, Philip (continuous)
1:50 – Yana (10:1’s)
2:00 – Enrico, Jamie (10:1’s)
2:05 – Diana (continuous)
2:15 – Alice (continuous), Juliane (10:1’s)
2:30 – Susan, Alex (10:1’s)

Subject to change

Marathon 2019 pace groups
3:15 – Alan (continuous)
3:20 – David (continuos)
3:30 – Vivian, Barry (continuous)
3:45 – Derek (continuous), Rabih (10:1’s)
3:50 – Mike (10:1’s)
4:00 – Moritz, Andy (10:1’s)
4:15 – Stacey, Andrew (10:1’s)
4:30 – Rob, Steven (10:1’s)
4:45 – Maryam (continuous), Youna (10:1’s)
5:00 – Evgeny (10:1’s)
5:15 – Adela (10:1’s)

Some pace groups will run continuous at a steady pace and some will do ’10 and 1’s’ where you run for 10 minutes, then walk 1 minute.

Meet your Pace Bunnies

You may meet your pace bunnies at the annual Friendship Run! The day before your race, meet Saturday, 9am, at Running Room – 679 Denman Street.

The BMO Vancouver Marathon is a top Boston Marathon qualifier and world-class award-winning race

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