Results 2016 Relay

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Age Category Awards

Place Time Bib Name City Prov Runners
1 3:09:26 9509 Speedy Runners Langley BC Mia Douglas, Jaylene Mennen, Leslie Stevens, Diane Butler
2 3:14:51 9500 Cordova Chasers Coquitlam BC Pamela Campbell, Maureen Curtin, Lara Duke, Nancy Hancharyk
3 3:15:39 9506 Orca Quad Squad Parksville BC Patti Rogers, Heather Beatty, Barbara Spencer, Laurie Ritchie
4 3:19:20 9510 Run-D.m.c./e. Richmond BC Devon Tyler, Morgan Waddell, Christie Ramsdale, Erica Jang
5 3:55:47 9502 Blonde(ish) Ambition Vancouver BC Loretta Mitchell, Aviva Kennedy, Michelle Baker, Sarah Mathews
1 3:28:53 9812 Team Sophia North Vancouver BC Bill Pomeroy, Ethan Pomeroy, Nolan Pomeroy, Broedy Pomeroy
2 3:40:07 9514 Wepah Vancouver BC Bruce Day, James Barnett, Brian Barclay, Steve Brown
3 3:43:30 9603 van Burgundy Vancouver BC Ian Stockdale, Michael Adams, Robert Snowden, Robert Schwtzke
4 3:46:21 9504 Old Age & Treachery Seattle WA Tobey Clarkin, Matt Logalbo, Damon Shadid, Forrest Michael
5 4:06:44 9714 S&m Vancouver BC Blake Shaffer, Craig Williams, Murat Ozbek, Marvin Shaffer
1 3:12:18 9517 Rackets And Runners Personal Best Vancouver BC Caitlin Sinclair, Yun Li-Reilly, Patrick Carroll, Tim Verkerk
2 3:20:25 9515 Eh Team! North Vancouver BC Ralf Strub, Christine Strub, Cayenne Strub, Zac Gartside
3 3:20:45 9519 Don’t Panic Vancouver BC Raymond Lam, Lily Ding, Anson Fung, Rory Harris
4 3:38:09 9819 Ridiculously Awesome Richmond BC Shahrooz Nabavi, Katie Peardon, Rose Chen, Brandon Wiebe
5 3:45:46 9609 Air France Richmond BC Floris Sjer, Femke Kroese, Steven Larkin, Dave Schneider


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