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Charity Runners


In support of his sister, who successfully underwent treatment for Leukemia, Troy successfully raised $11,375 for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society of Canada – the most of all charity runners. Learn more

“After a long break I have decided to put on my running shoes, and see if I can train for 42.2 km in the next 10 weeks. Last time I ran this marathon, I also fundraised for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, as my sister was undergoing treatment for Leukemia…”


When she was 13, Kate, alongside a group of 10 kids, raised $1,200 as part of the Canadian Cancer Society’s Relay for Life. Now, Kate is running her first marathon in support of someone in her life who is battling cancer and raised $1,320 for the BC Cancer Foundation. Learn more

“Now, many years, relays and road races later, I am about to attempt my first marathon and am once again looking to fundraise for a cause very close to my heart…”


Combining her passion for distance running and being a ‘Big Sister’, Amanda ran in support of the Big Sisters of BC, and fundraised $2,605 – more than double her goal of $1,000. Learn more

“The last 8 years have been HUGE for me, but there are two things I’m particularly proud of: (1) I became a pretty decent distance runner; (2) I’ve been a Big Sis to the incredible kiddo in the photos above, Cassy. This year I’m [supporting] the organization that brought Cassy into my life and continues to support us…”

Team Seger

When Patricia Seger’s husband, Mark, was diagnosed with ALS, Patricia and her family were inspired to carry on his appreciation for health and fitness by running and fundraising for the ALS Society of BC. After Patricia’s youngest son, Riley Seger, ran the BMO Vancouver Half Marathon and raised $8,755 for ALS with Michael Boskovich, his uncle, last year, Patricia teamed up with her sister, Elizabeth Trengrove, brother, Michael, and best friend, Kim Barton-Bridges, to continue the family’s fundraising efforts as a relay team. Together, Team Seger raised $3,960 in support of ALS in 2020. Learn more

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