Virtual Race


Stay Motivated!

You may still race this year and earn your exclusive 2020 rewards! You will receive the same rewards as every BMO Vancouver Marathon 2020 participant including the commemorative tech tee, medal, plus you’ll earn 75% off the BMO Vancouver Marathon event in 2021, 2022 or 2023.

I registered prior. How may I opt-in?

2020 registered runners may all enjoy the Virtual Race and exclusive rewards! If you’d like your 2020 rewards mailed, and you registered before May 1 but haven’t opted-in yet, we kindly request that you please provide your full name, confirmation number, and mailing address, via email:


Post-race submit your race time at

Congrats on staying active and challenging yourself! Note: You’ll only be able to submit times for the BMO Vancouver Marathon Virtual Race you’ve registered for. If you registered pre event cancellation, there’s no additional costs and you may select any race distance.

When will my rewards arrive?

Thanks again for your patience. Due to this global pandemic your rewards may not arrive until later this month but we’re doing our best to get them to you as soon as we can! Hopefully you’re enjoying the journey and our Virtual Filter in the meantime.

If you haven’t opted in to receive your rewards, we kindly request that you please provide your full name, confirmation number, and mailing address, via email: Package pickup from our offices and select Running Room locations is now closed.


New Virtual Race Information
A virtual race allows participants to complete a race on their own, from anywhere. You may run or walk your race distance at your own pace and at a time and location of your choice, following the guidelines of your local health authorities. You may choose your own race day and your own starting line, whether it’s a treadmill, a park or your neighbourhood streets. This option allows those invested in their training to keep going and be rewarded for their efforts.

Who may Participate?
BMO Vancouver Marathon 2020 participants will all receive the same rewards, including the commemorative tech tee, medal, and future deferral discounts. New runners may now sign-up online. Under Registration Type, Got an Invitation Code, click ‘click here’ and enter ‘virtualrace’. Those who had previously registered for the 2020 event may simply opt-in to claim their rewards, ‘I registered prior. How do I claim my tech shirt and medal?‘.

When may I run my Virtual Race?
Please first sign-up for the Virtual Race. You may then run the BMO Vancouver Marathon Virtual Race anytime between May 4 through July 31, 2020, or when it’s safe to do so in your geographical area. Please exercise proper social distancing and follow the guidelines of your local health authorities.

Where is the Virtual Race Course?
Please choose your own route for this virtual event. It would be unsafe for us to provide a route that all could use at any specific time, as that may contribute to social distancing concerns. Additionally, by allowing registered runners to create their own routes, you may participate from wherever you are! Runners from 65+ countries annually register for Canada’s largest Marathon race. Use caution if running outside, and be alert of pedestrian and vehicle traffic.

We specifically request that you do not use any of the official race day routes, as these are not pedestrian safe without the use of street closures and police assistance with traffic. Please do not run on the official race course as this would not be safe and would not allow for following proper social distancing measures. Please also do not attempt a group run on race weekend if it’s unsafe to do so.

How will the Marathon Relay work?
Marathon Relay teams are welcome to run the Virtual Race and submit results, however, we ask that all runners ensure that they are practising safe physical distancing. Give virtual high-fives! Relay teams, you are requested to make your changes and enter the Virtual Race via email, rather than the Participant Dashboard. Please provide up-to-date mailing addresses for each Relay participant, and indicate if you’d like your shirt and medal, when emailing:

Relay teams are asked to submit one summed ‘team time’. The Relay sections are approximately 12KM, 12KM, 5KM and 13KM, however, for the Virtual Race your team may split the race distance as you see fit to collectively run the total 42.2KM Marathon distance.

How may I submit race results?
Registered runners may use their unique ‘Confirmation Code‘ provided during registration as their ‘Claim Code‘ to record and submit Virtual Race results. You may upload data from your tracking device, or via manual input. Learn more at Be sure to also share your ‘Finish Line’ photos on social @bmovanmarathon #bmovm #runvan

What will I receive with the Virtual Race?
All registered BMO Vancouver Marathon Virtual Runners will receive their shirt and medal if they opt-in online. Local residents have the option for Package Pickup during set hours, please check your emails for details. For non-local residents and those unable to make an in-person pickup, we will mail to the address provided. Please ensure this address is up-to-date when you switch to the Virtual Race.

May I still receive my shirt and medal if I don’t run?
Yes, if you’re unable to take part in the fun Virtual Race, you may still select ‘No Virtual Race’. Follow the prompts and indicate if you’d like to still receive your commemorative shirt and medal. You are still required to opt-in online to ‘No Virtual Race’ to ensure your mailing address is up-to-date. Thank you for understanding.

May I be refunded the cost of the shirt and medal?
Your tech shirt and medal were ordered months in advance of the event cancellation, and we’d still like to get you those rewards. Since the product was already ordered well in advance, refunds on shirts and medals are not available. Thank you for understanding.

When will my rewards arrive?
Due to this global pandemic your rewards may not arrive until later this month but we’re doing our best to get them to you as soon as we can! Hopefully you’re enjoying the journey and our Virtual Filter in the meantime. For those who signed-up before May 1, please note you’ll only receive rewards if you opt-in and confirm your address. If you haven’t done this yet, please email

What about the other offers?
Future race offerings are also available. New registrations will receive the BMO Vancouver Marathon 2020 Virtual Race, commemorative tech tee and medal, plus 75% off the BMO Vancouver Marathon 2021, 2022 or 2023 event.

Will my status as a Grand Slam or Legacy Runner change?
All registered runners will still be eligible for the RUNVAN® Grand Slam and all registered Legacy Runners will move forward to the next legacy category. Runners who have ran 15 or more years at the BMO Vancouver Marathon join an exclusive Legacy Club. The Grand Slam is awarded to those who run all four RUNVAN® races in the same calendar year: The First Half, BMO Vancouver Marathon, Granville Island Turkey Trot and Fall Classic.

Will there be awards for the Virtual Race and can I qualify for Boston?
As everyone will be on the honour system and submitting their own finish times, we will not be offering awards for the virtual event. Additionally, since you’ll be creating your own courses that will not be certified, you will not be eligible for Boston Marathon qualification.

As a Charity Runner, may I still run and fundraise for the Virtual Race?
Yes, Charity Runners may now encourage donations directly to the charity you are raising funds and awareness for. Our online charity platform is currently closed. Runners like you have helped to raise over $15 million dollars for charity through our RUN4HOPE Charity Program. Thank you.

Thank you
Thank you again for your patience and understanding. We hope you’ll consider joining the Virtual Race and we hope to see you again soon.

Note that throughout the BMO Vancouver Marathon Virtual Race we will have fun prizes including the opportunity to win Brooks Running shoes through a new BMO Vancouver Marathon Brooks ‘Run Happy’ Scavenger Hunt. Please follow on social for more. FB: /bmovanmarathon. IG: @bmovanmarathon #bmovm #runvan.