Road Closures

BMO Vancouver Marathon 2020 moves to a Virtual Race

Registered runners are asked to choose their own route for the new Virtual Race. It would be unsafe for us to provide a route that all could use at any specific time, as that may contribute to social distancing concerns. Additionally, by allowing registered runners to create their own routes, you may participate from wherever you are! Runners from 65+ countries annually register for Canada’s largest Marathon race. Use caution if running outside, and be alert of pedestrian and vehicle traffic.

We specifically directed runners to not use any of the official race day routes, as these are not pedestrian safe without the use of street closures and police assistance with traffic. Please do not run on the official race course as this would not be safe and would not allow for following proper social distancing measures. Please also do not attempt a group run on race weekend if it’s unsafe to do so. Thank you for your cooperation.

BMO Vancouver Marathon