Green Pledge

Green Pledge

The Green Pledge

Local non-profit Vancouver International Marathon Society RUNVAN® is known in the community for hosting sustainable events with a high waste diversion rate. With the help of Green Chair Staff and Volunteers, we look forward to putting on another green event at this year’s race, and kindly ask for your support.

Running a Marathon, Half Marathon or 8KM isn’t always a simple task, and sometimes it can be easy to forget the little things – like recycling. That’s why we’ve created a Runner’s Green Pledge with some key points and information to help remind you of how you can assist in keeping our city one of the greenest!

  • Dispose of goods such as cups, gels, etc. in proximity of the water stations on-course
  • Do not dispose of any items on bridges, along the Seawall, or close to the shoreline
  • Use the clearly marked recycling stations, not City bins, at the Start and Finish Line
  • Dispose of all recyclable food in recycling stations and garbage at green waste stations
Green Pledge

Race Day Waste Cheat Sheet

Mixed Containers

Coffee cups and lids, plastic cups, milk containers, glass jars and bottles


Water and electrolyte cups, banana peels, tea bags, food scraps, wet and greasy paper, compostable foodware


Juice boxes, plastic water bottles, other deposit beverage containers

Soft Plastics

Plastic bags and packaging, candy wrappers, chip bags


Paper sleeves from coffee cups, brochures, newspaper


Styrofoam, straws, gel packs, balloons, dirty plastics

Community —

Volunteer —