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Join the Virtual Race to collect your new rewards and take part in Canada’s top destination race from wherever you are! Enjoy exclusive benefits when you register for the BMO Vancouver Marathon.

The BMO Vancouver Marathon Virtual Race allows you to run from wherever you are during the months of April and May!

BMO Vancouver Marathon

Run Happy!

Combo two race distances to Run Happy, or tackle four races to go for the special Dynasty package, and you’ll earn a special prize!

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Virtual Race Info

A virtual race allows you to complete your race on your own, from anywhere. You may run, walk or stroll your race distance at your own pace and at a time and location of your choice, following the guidelines of your local health authorities. You may choose your own race day and your own starting line, whether it’s a treadmill, a park, or your neighbourhood streets.






If you’d like to switch races, please send us details via email: [email protected]

April & May

Select the Run Happy Combo or the 76.3KM Dynasty and use the shorter distances as training runs to build to your in-person race or complete all of the event distances virtually. Race up until May 31 to try and better your times!

The BMO Vancouver Marathon is traditionally held on the first weekend in May in Vancouver, BC.

Registration Includes:

  • Exclusive new tech tee for all registered
  • Medal options for the virtual race
  • Bonus gifts with the Run Happy Combo and Dynasty
  • Results, leaderboard, and more

Combo and Dynasty champs, you may run your races in any order, on any day, throughout April and May! Dynasty runners earn a bonus medal included with registration.

Add to your collection

Technical tee is included for all registered runners. You may also add medals and shipping from the race store by emailing us: [email protected]


There is no chip time included with the Virtual Race however you’ll be able to access a Virtual Race Bib. You’re recommended to include an emergency contact on you when you run.


Package Pickup is available the Health, Sports & Lifestyle Expo the Friday and Satuday before the Marathon race on the first Sunday of May. Virtual runners may also opt-in and pay for shipping.

You will be required to present your bib number and picture ID to collect your race bib. To pick-up another runner’s race package, please have their full name, confirmation number, and a copy of their valid photo ID.

For groups larger than five, please email [email protected] with all the names prior to coming to Package Pickup so we can prepare the packages ahead of time.

If you run the Virtual Race, you may also have your race kit mailed to you within Canada and the United States for a set shipping and handling fee.

Dates and location subject to change. Please respect the safety protocols administered by staff and volunteers if on-site. Thank you.


Tech tee
Pre-purchased Souvenirs


You may opt-in to have your race rewards mailed to you during race registration. Locals instead may choose to claim their rewards during package pickup.

Shipping costs reflect the cost of shipping directly to you based on third-party providers and are only available for within Canada. Cost to ship include all items and are not lowered if you only want select rewards.

Runners may also opt-out of shipping altogether.

Orders will ship closer to the race month of May. Thank you for your patience.

Non-profit event organizers RUNVAN® are no longer shipping outside of Canada and the USA due to high and extremely variable costs. Thank you for understanding. Please consider visiting our beautiful city and destination event.


Tech tee, plus a Brooks singlet with Run Happy combo and Dynasty
Pre-purchased Souvenirs

When may I run the virtual race?

Please first sign-up for the Virtual Race. You may then run the BMO Vancouver Marathon Virtual Race anytime between April 1 and May 31, following the potential restrictions in your geographical area. Please exercise proper social distancing and follow the guidelines of your local health authorities.

There are no time limits to your virtual race. Please start your Virtual Race time once you start your race, and then stop it only once you complete the entire race distance. You may take breaks during your Virtual Race but your race time should run continuously until you complete your entire race distance. You should not break up your race distance into shorter segments ran on different dates. Thanks for understanding.

Where is the Virtual Race Course?

Please choose your own route for this virtual event. It would be unsafe for us to provide a route that all could use at any specific time, as that may contribute to social distancing concerns. Additionally, by allowing registered runners to create their own routes, you may participate from wherever you are! Use caution if running outside, and be alert of pedestrian and vehicle traffic.

Safety Precautions

On Race Day, runners usually wear a race bib with emergency contact info. For safety reasons, please give someone else your race route and have an emergency contact located on your body or phone just in case.

Aside from practicing safe, physical distancing, be alert of vehicle and pedestrian traffic. Remember, there are no road closures in effect during your Virtual Race. Try to stay on sidewalks or trails as much as possible and be sure to obey all traffic signals. If you’re going to listen to music, ensure you can still hear what’s going on around you. Treadmill racing may also be an option for you.

Please also be respectful and stay home if you feel unwell. Thank you again for your patience, understanding and cooperation. We hope to return to in-person events once restrictions are lifted. Thank you for understanding.


As everyone will be on the honour system and submitting their own finish times, we will not be offering awards for the virtual event. Additionally, since you’ll be creating your own courses that will not be certified, you will not be eligible for Boston Marathon qualification.

All registered runners will still be eligible for the RUNVAN® Grand Slam and all registered Legacy Runners will move forward to the next legacy category. Runners who have ran 15 or more years at the BMO Vancouver Marathon join an exclusive Legacy Club. The Grand Slam is awarded to those who run all four RUNVAN® races in the same calendar year: The First Half, BMO Vancouver Marathon, Granville Island Turkey Trot and Great Trek.

Good luck, and have fun on your Virtual Race!

How may I submit race results?

BMO Vancouver Marathon Virtual Race results may be submitted throughout the months of April and May.

  • From the Results page, click the ‘Submit a Virtual Result’ button.
  • Enter your last name and confirmation number, or sign into your Race Roster account.
  • Once your registration is confirmed, you will be able to enter your results and the results of anyone else that was included in your initial registration.
  • After your results are submitted, click on your name and you will be able to view your results details and download an official Finisher’s Certificate. Congratulations! Share your photos with us @bmovanmarathon @runvancanada #bmovm #runvan

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