Running Room Training Clinics

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Running Room Training Clinics

Get trusted support and instruction from Running Room and hit the BMO Vancouver Marathon Start Line with confidence! BMO Vancouver Marathon and Half Marathon training programs begin in January.

Through an exclusive and special offer, all BMO Vancouver Marathon participants can receive Running Room Training Clinics for just $59.99 plus taxes – a $30 savings. Join today and prepare for your best race yet!

Savings are only available with race registration or through the Race Store.

BMO Vancouver Marathon
Presented by John Stanton

Running Room Training Tips

Looking for training tips and advice? John Stanton of Running Room provides great insight and tips along with a 18-week training program for your BMO Vancouver Marathon journey! Join the official clinics to get the maximum benefits and enjoy friendly group comradery.

Week 1: Introduction

Believing in yourself is your first step towards success.

Week 2: Building a Base

What you do today in your training will shape your future.

Week 3: Long Runs

Some runs are tough but as an athlete, prove you’re tougher.

Week 4: Breathing + Running Form

A relaxed, upright posture is the best running position.

Week 5: Run-Walk Combinations of 10:1 

Stress and rest is the foundation of all training programs.

Week 6: Benefits of Hill Training

Runners have used hills for decades as a way to increase endurance, strength and speed.

Week 7: Getting the Right Running Shoes

Motion control, Cushioning and Stability Running Shoes.

Week 8: Threshold or Tempo Sessions

Tempo runs are an essential part of your running program.

Week 9: What to Eat when Training

Smart nutrition is variety, moderation and wholesomeness.

Week 10: Speed Training to Prevent Injuries

Speed improves your coordination and the ability to run faster, beyond your current comfort level.

Week 11: Optimizing Your Training

There are various kinds of running that can be used for different purposes.

Week 12: Side Stitch While Running

The common problem may be related to food allergies, particularly milk, gas, or eating just prior to running.

Week 13: Hydration for Runners

Water is the best way.

Week 14: Marathon Surfaces

Most of your workouts should be done on the road to best simulate race conditions.

Week 15: Learning how to Pace Yourself

Listen to your body.

Week 16: Race Day Tips

Stay relaxed and in control of your best performance.

Week 17: Rest + Recovery

Rest is a good four letter word, especially when it is earned.

Week 18: Reaching the Finish Line

Your life changed significantly because you made the choice to run a marathon.

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