Strides in Mental Health: Join the RUN4HOPE Program to Support CMHA Vancouver-Fraser

Vancouver, BC – January 23, 2024

Running marathons usually only benefits your own physical health, but running in the BMO Vancouver Marathon can benefit the mental health of people in your community. Thanks to the RUN4HOPE program, runners participating in the BMO Vancouver Marathon on May 5, 2024 can raise money for the Canadian Mental Health Association, Vancouver-Fraser Branch.

In addition to physical wellbeing, mental wellness is crucial to everyone’s overall health. However, for many, it can be harder to find and receive help to address mental health troubles. CMHA Vancouver-Fraser is committed to helping individuals, communities, and organizations from across the Lower Mainland access inclusive mental health support, care, and resources. In recent years, Canadians have increasingly been struggling with their mental health and we feel the weight of our community’s need for support now more than ever.

Our programs and services touch real people. Help us reach more people who need mental health support. CMHA Vancouver-Fraser provides a variety of mental health promotion and recovery-focused programs for people of all ages and their families. We offer programs for:

  • Children living with a parent of guardian experiencing mental illness, and students going through big life transitions. Watch Video  
  • Adults struggling with depression and anxiety, in need of holistic rehabilitation, searching for community connections, or in need of support navigating social services.
  • Fire fighters and first responders who experience trauma, stress, and exhaustion through their essential but difficult work keeping their communities safe
  • Employment support through recovery-oriented and evidence-based practices for people experiencing mental illness.
  • Housing during rehabilitation for youth and adults.

At CMHA Vancouver-Fraser, two simple words serve as the foundation on which all our work is done: “People first”. We aim to transform mental health and wellness practices through programs and services rooted in innovation, inclusion, and collaboration in order to improve the lives of the people we serve.

We hope you choose to support CMHA, Vancouver-Fraser. Click here to learn more and support us through the RUN4HOPE program. To learn more about the work we do, please visit our website.

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