2014 Finisher Medals and Runner Shirts

Finisher Medals

Medals hold great meaning for runners: whether they are a symbol of accomplishment, a keepsake, or a Christmas tree ornament, they are an important part of your race experience.

Every year we adjust medal design slightly so that each year you run the race, you’ll have a different medal to add to your collection!

Each event medal has the total km length superimposed in the centre of the piece with a collage of all the neighbourhoods the course covers. Different from last year’s, the medals feature a matte border.

This year marks the 25th anniversary of the Half Marathon event! This impressive milestone is engraved on the bottom of the Half Marathon medals, so if you are participating that means you’re taking part in an exciting year for the Vancouver International Marathon event!

RAN 42.2

A sleek design, a reminiscence of your achievement, wear it proud on May 4 and 30 years later !

RAN 21.1

Because RAN HALF was not half the achievement, let’s introduce RAN 21.1 this year!


A symbol of your first step, next year, the blue then the red!


Just like the grown-ups, just cuter 😉 !

Saucony Tech Shirts

Another important part of your race experience is your runners tech shirt that you will receive with your race package. This year’s Saucony runners shirts are a brand new colour: blazing yellow! We are very excited about the vibrant new colour for 2014, and we’re confident you will love them too!

2014 Male Shirts

2014 BMO Vancouver Marathon Saucony Tech Shirt

RAN 42.2. A great tech shirt for summer run on the Seawall

2014 BMO Vancouver Half Marathon Saucony Tech Shirt

RAN 21.1. We know you’ll nod at each other on your Sunday run! ;-)

2014 BMO Vancouver 8KM Race Saucony Tech Shirt

RAN 8, the first of many to come!

2014 Female Shirts

2014 BMO Vancouver Marathon Saucoy Tech Shirt

RAN 42.2. Less is more. A beautiful shirt for a beautiful achievement

2014 BMO Vancouver Half Marathon Saucony Tech Shirt

Remember #RUNVAN…? More like #RANVAN now!

2014 BMO Vancouver 8KM Saucony Tech Shirt

You will love it and come back for more!





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