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A Home Represents More Than Just a Place to Live

Carl Eden started volunteering with Habitat for Humanity Greater Vancouver (HFHGV) in 2000 and hasn’t stopped since.  He has contributed over 5,000 hours to help build our Government Street townhomes that now provide safe and decent shelter for 27 families, including 43 children.

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“This (volunteer) job has kept me active and given me an opportunity to work with some great people as well as see families achieve their dream of home ownership,” said Carl.

Carl, along with hundreds of other volunteers and corporate partners, have provided a ‘hand up’ to families looking to break the cycle of poverty. The Fedorak family has been dreaming of having a home of their own so their daughter, Scarlett, could be as independent as any regular seven-year-old.

“Scarlett has mobility issues,” said Lisa Fedorak, Scarlett’s mother. “Where we lived before, her wheelchair didn’t fit through the hallways. The only way she could get upstairs to her bedroom was by crawling or being carried by either her dad or me. She is such an independent and capable girl. However, without accessibility to the tools she needs for that independence, it really limited what she can do on her own.”

The Fedorak’s wheelchair accessible home along with 5 other Habitat homes were competed in June 2013, expedited from the original November 2013 completion date. “We wanted the families to move in over the summer months to give the children time to get settled before the new school year,” said Tim Clark, CEO HFHGV. “The generosity of corporate partners and individual fundraisers also made it possible for us to present Scarlett and the other 42 kids of our Government Street project with a fantastic new playground, a vital component to our thriving Habitat community.

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The homes represent more than a place to live for these families; it’s a new start to raise their families with a hope for a better future out of poverty. It gives Scarlett and all the Habitat children the freedom and opportunity to reach their full potential.

“Being part of the Habitat family has enriched our lives in so many ways,” said Lisa. “With all our hearts, we thank each and every single person who was involved with Habitat for Humanity for making this dream of a home for us come true.”

To view a video featuring the Akhlaghs, another Habitat For Humanity family, click here 

How to become a HFHGV Charity Runner

As a HFHGV Charity Runner, participants commit to raising a minimum of $350 for our Ash Street Build in Richmond, BC. HFHGV supports our runners by providing a personalized Habitat fundraising web page and other materials for both your fundraising and run success. Here are some quick tips to start your journey:  

  • Don’t focus on a time. When running your 1st marathon, or race of any length, focus on finishing, not the time it takes you.
  • Train hard & smart. Think speed training, tempo training and long slow distance training, it will give you a big advantage on race day.
  • Fuel for you. Think pre, during and post-race nutrition. Experiment beforehand and find out what works for you.
  • Pace yourself!  Try not to let the excitement of the start & participants get you carried away.  Understand the distance you are travelling and pace yourself accordingly.
  • Break the run down into sections. Think thirds & quarters to remove the monotony and provide yourself with positive mental checks.

Take the challenge and register today to be a Habitat Charity Runner. Help build homes and hope in your community. Register to be a HFHGV charity runner here Run & Fundraise For Us Charity runners will be contacted by HFHGV with fundraising details soon after registration.

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Habitat For Humanity Greater Vancouver

Building Homes. Building Hope.

Habitat for Humanity mobilizes volunteers and community partners in building affordable housing and promoting home ownership opportunities as a means to breaking the cycle of poverty. Habitat homes are sold to partner families with interest-free mortgages, indexed to be no more than 30% of their household income. Families no longer have to make the choice between paying the hydro bill and buying food. Habitat for Humanity re-invests the partner family’s mortgage payments into a Habitat Build Fund to build more homes for families in need.  Protected buy backs also allows for the positive cycle to continue; all equity payments made by the family are returned to assist with their next home purchase in the traditional market and allow a new partner family the opportunity to own an affordable home through Habitat for Humanity.

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