RUN4HOPE Charity – FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions related to the RUN4HOPE Charity program will be answered here.

For answers to FAQs related to the Marathon event overall, please visit

I registered as a charity runner. Now what?
I'm already registered as a regular runner, but now I want to run for charity. How do I switch?
I no longer want to run and fundraise or I accidentally signed up as a charity runner. How do I switch my registration to be a regular runner?
May I run and fundraise for a charity that is not part of the RUN4HOPE Charity Program?
My friend and I want to set up a fundraising page together. Can we do this?
I can’t remember my login!
I donated through my registration, but it is not showing up on my fundraising page. How come?
When do my donors get their tax receipts?
I have received cash and cheque donations. What do I do with them?
I’ve already raised the fundraising minimum of $400 and haven’t received my 20% charity runner discount. How do I apply to get this discount?
It is almost race day and I have not fundraised the minimum amount! What happens now?
I registered as a Charity Relay Team. What is the fundraising minimum for our team?