RUN4HOPE helps make a difference for CMHA

Vancouver, BC – January 25, 2023
The pandemic has taken an emotional toll on us with emotions running high. Canadian Mental Health Association’s research with UBC found that 40 percent of Canadian children, youth, adults, and seniors are experiencing declining mental health since the pandemic started. Many are in critical need of mental health services. Canadian Mental Health Association, Vancouver-Fraser Branch has worked hard to support those impacted by mental health challenges these past few years.

The demand for our programs has only been growing. People like Jeanette Trombley, widowed and a single mom before age 30, reached out to us for support after being hospitalized with an acute medical and mental health crisis. She shared her personal journey as part of our Shine Bright fundraising campaign. 

Thanks to the BMO Vancouver Marathon RUN4HOPE program, runners who raise money for CMHA, Vancouver-Fraser branch to provide essential support for critical mental health programs. Your efforts make a real difference for people like Jeanette and her daughter — and thousands more in our community:

  • Children living with a parent experiencing mental illness, and students feeling depressed, anxious — or even worse – suicidal
  • Chinese seniors who live alone with isolation, loneliness and depression
  • Firefighters and First Responders who struggle every single day with trauma, work-related stress and total exhaustion

We hope you join our team as part of the CMHA-VF team, and would love to support your fundraising. To learn more, connect to CMHA-VF RUN4HOPE or contact [email protected] to get on board.

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