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Thanks for sharing your fantastic posts on social media! Here are a few favourites from BMOVM race week.

International Runners:

Mañana 8:30 am Canadá…. 10:30 am México/gdl con la app o en la página, “good vibes only” 😍ehhh jajajaja …. no hubo tiempo de ponerme nerviosa para este maratón hasta que llegué a la Expo…. ahí si sentí “this shit is getting real” ajajjaja entrenar para días como este siempre me hacen trabajar en mis fortalezas y aún más en mis debilidades….. aunque haya entrenado pocos meses de manera específica , prepararme después de speed project fue difícil y emocionante…. siempre hay razones para sentirte cansada… pero muchas más para seguir 😍😍🙌🏻🙌🏻 cada maratón es un viaje diferente….👏🏻👏🏻 la ciudad es hermosa…. hace 10 años que no venía… mis pies están emocionados de regresar a sus calles 😌#RUNVAN #bmovanmarathon #running #marathon #raceweekend #instarunner #run #runninggirl #worlderunners #happy #girlsrunningmarathon #rundifferent @evenfaster @totalrunningmx @guenergymexico @underarmourmx @maurten_official @indomitus_ftb

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definitely worth not being able to walk today 🏃🏽‍♀️💕🎉

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Family Cheer Squad @bmovanmarathon . GO Robbie GO . pc: @run_photographs

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Sunday Marked my 6th full road Marathon & that smile couldn’t be any more real 😁 I’ve never been one to run a full ‘fast’ – I usually start off too fast, hit a wall around 32k’s & it ends up being a mental struggle to the finish. But with many of my halves being in the 1:40’s I knew with some varied running, cross training and getting my butt out on those cold winter days I could really give this a go. Well, not only did I get my sub 4 but I knocked 26 mins off my PR & finished with 3:45:15, I never hit a wall & I felt amazing all the way to the finish. The best thing about it, I know I’ve got more to give & I’m very much chasing a new speedier goal! @bmovanmarathon Thank you for another amazing event & I’ll be back next year to get after it again! But for now it’s time to hit the trails and get my butt ready for the biggest running challenge yet…🏃🏼‍♀️ ❤️ #liveforthis #runningislife #personalgoals

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| M A R A T H O N #2 I N T H E B O O K S ▽▲ My fail attempt to jump after running 42km970. Yup. How the hell did I do to run 800 extra meters 🤔🤔. Too bad since I ran 42km195m sub 4h 😝🙈. That said, I'm HAPPY ! • @bmovanmarathon you've been hot 💦and hilly but oh so beautiful ! 👌🏼 Congratulations to all the runners out there today! RECAP to come 😉 • 🇫🇷 Ma tentative de saut loupée après avoir couru 42km970. Ouaip. 970! Mais comment je me suis démerdé pour courir 800m en plus🤔🤔. Va falloir que j'apprenne à serrer dans les virages 😅 #pasdepitié 😆. C'est con car je passe 42km195 en dessous des 4h 🙈. La prochaine fois ! • Cela étant dit je suis contente. Il a fait chaud et ↗️↘️ mais VRAIMENT SUPERBE 🌲🌳🌊. Félicitations à tous les #finishers du #vancouvermarathon mais aussi ceux du @geneva_marathon_for_unicef 💪🏼. • CR à venir, là je profite! • Tschüss ✌🏼 • • #bmovm #bmomarathon #runvan #finisher #marathoner #runningcommunity #sundayrunday #raceday

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Medal Monday: Vancouver Edition. 🏅❤️ I have such a grateful heart today. All of the texts and messages about yesterday’s race really melted my heart. I appreciate the love and support I receive from all of you (+ my number one cheerleader @blakeheiss 😘) It means more than I can express on here. . Honestly, I finished the Vancouver half and wanted to be DISAPPOINTED in myself. Here I am, pacing the same for a half as I did 5 years ago. I’ve worked so hard and keep having these injuries, illness, seemingly small setbacks. And it can be a little demoralizing. But I crossed that finish line, ate that post race banana 🍌 , had a little cry (okay, it was a big, ugly cry…😭) and then I GOT OVER IT. I’ve said this a hundred times before and I think my brain finally understands: progress 👏🏻 is 👏🏻 not 👏🏻 linear 👏🏻 ! There are setbacks and comebacks and good days and bad. And running is just basically a metaphor for life. What it comes down to is this: WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO LEARN FROM IT? 🤗 . Ps. The race swagger is real today, y’all! 😆 . . . ____ #medalmonday #runvan #vancouverbc #halfmarathoner #truthbomb #embraceyourreal #RACESWAGGER #womenempoweringwomen #goodr #vancouvermarathon #progressnotperfection

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🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️21km ✅

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Keep sharing your photos on social @bmovanmarathon #bmovm #runvan