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Vancouver, BC – May 9, 2018

Thanks for sharing your fantastic posts on social media! Here are a few favourites from BMOVM race week.

International Runners:

Mañana 8:30 am Canadá…. 10:30 am México/gdl con la app rtrt.me o en la página, “good vibes only” ?ehhh jajajaja …. no hubo tiempo de ponerme nerviosa para este maratón hasta que llegué a la Expo…. ahí si sentí “this shit is getting real” ajajjaja entrenar para días como este siempre me hacen trabajar en mis fortalezas y aún más en mis debilidades….. aunque haya entrenado pocos meses de manera específica , prepararme después de speed project fue difícil y emocionante…. siempre hay razones para sentirte cansada… pero muchas más para seguir ?????? cada maratón es un viaje diferente….???? la ciudad es hermosa…. hace 10 años que no venía… mis pies están emocionados de regresar a sus calles ?#RUNVAN #bmovanmarathon #running #marathon #raceweekend #instarunner #run #runninggirl #worlderunners #happy #girlsrunningmarathon #rundifferent @evenfaster @totalrunningmx @guenergymexico @underarmourmx @maurten_official @indomitus_ftb

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definitely worth not being able to walk today ??‍♀️??

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Family Cheer Squad @bmovanmarathon . GO Robbie GO . pc: @run_photographs

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Sunday Marked my 6th full road Marathon & that smile couldn’t be any more real ? I’ve never been one to run a full ‘fast’ – I usually start off too fast, hit a wall around 32k’s & it ends up being a mental struggle to the finish. But with many of my halves being in the 1:40’s I knew with some varied running, cross training and getting my butt out on those cold winter days I could really give this a go. Well, not only did I get my sub 4 but I knocked 26 mins off my PR & finished with 3:45:15, I never hit a wall & I felt amazing all the way to the finish. The best thing about it, I know I’ve got more to give & I’m very much chasing a new speedier goal! @bmovanmarathon Thank you for another amazing event & I’ll be back next year to get after it again! But for now it’s time to hit the trails and get my butt ready for the biggest running challenge yet…??‍♀️ ❤️ #liveforthis #runningislife #personalgoals

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| M A R A T H O N #2 I N T H E B O O K S ▽▲ My fail attempt to jump after running 42km970. Yup. How the hell did I do to run 800 extra meters ??. Too bad since I ran 42km195m sub 4h ??. That said, I'm HAPPY ! • @bmovanmarathon you've been hot ?and hilly but oh so beautiful ! ?? Congratulations to all the runners out there today! RECAP to come ? • ?? Ma tentative de saut loupée après avoir couru 42km970. Ouaip. 970! Mais comment je me suis démerdé pour courir 800m en plus??. Va falloir que j'apprenne à serrer dans les virages ? #pasdepitié ?. C'est con car je passe 42km195 en dessous des 4h ?. La prochaine fois ! • Cela étant dit je suis contente. Il a fait chaud et ↗️↘️ mais VRAIMENT SUPERBE ???. Félicitations à tous les #finishers du #vancouvermarathon mais aussi ceux du @geneva_marathon_for_unicef ??. • CR à venir, là je profite! • Tschüss ✌? • • #bmovm #bmomarathon #runvan #finisher #marathoner #runningcommunity #sundayrunday #raceday

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Medal Monday: Vancouver Edition. ?❤️ I have such a grateful heart today. All of the texts and messages about yesterday’s race really melted my heart. I appreciate the love and support I receive from all of you (+ my number one cheerleader @blakeheiss ?) It means more than I can express on here. . Honestly, I finished the Vancouver half and wanted to be DISAPPOINTED in myself. Here I am, pacing the same for a half as I did 5 years ago. I’ve worked so hard and keep having these injuries, illness, seemingly small setbacks. And it can be a little demoralizing. But I crossed that finish line, ate that post race banana ? , had a little cry (okay, it was a big, ugly cry…?) and then I GOT OVER IT. I’ve said this a hundred times before and I think my brain finally understands: progress ?? is ?? not ?? linear ?? ! There are setbacks and comebacks and good days and bad. And running is just basically a metaphor for life. What it comes down to is this: WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO LEARN FROM IT? ? . Ps. The race swagger is real today, y’all! ? . . . ____ #medalmonday #runvan #vancouverbc #halfmarathoner #truthbomb #embraceyourreal #RACESWAGGER #womenempoweringwomen #goodr #vancouvermarathon #progressnotperfection

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Running 21.1km ain't no thang when you've got a vanfam like this ? #runvan #bmovm

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?‍♀️?‍♀️21km ✅

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Keep sharing your photos on social @bmovanmarathon #bmovm #runvan


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