John Stanton on CTV Morning Live

Vancouver, BC – February 19, 2016


John Stanton was on CTV Morning Live this morning to talk about training for the BMO Vancouver Marathon.

“It was voted one of the top marathons in the world, part of it is because of the scenery, the beauty and the weather… For the runners, in particular for those people who are visiting Vancouver, it’s a thrill! I can tell you that runners that come from Western Canada, or the US, or Europe come to Vancouver to run the Marathon, and they’re overwhelmed with the beauty of the city.”

Brent Shearer: “A marathon is 42K, that can get a little daunting for people. But there are different lengths.”

John Stanton: “That’s right, you know this year we’ve got a 2.5KM distance and it’s for people who want to walk, take families, get children involved. It’s a great way to get a medal, to get a t-shirt and to get all the hoopla around the Marathon itself. They get to cross the Finish Line. We’ve got a relay component to the Marathon this year… We’ve got the 8KM distance, we’ve got the Half Marathon… So there’s really something for everybody. Even if it’s somebody who’s sitting at home saying ‘I could never do that’, come out and be one of the 4,000 volunteers, cause you’ll be inspired! Maybe the next year you’ll take it up.”

Brent Shearer: “What do we need to wear if we’re going to be out in the rain?”

John Stanton: “Well safety is really key… You want to be visible, that’s the thing. You want to take your own safety into concern. Many people find that running in groups are good. You know if you want to get out with a group, Wednesday nights, Sunday mornings, at the Running Room, it’s free… Strength in numbers, strength in motivation, commitment. Those are things that’ll keep you there.”

Brent Shearer: “I’m doing the half this year, so I better get training!”


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