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Vancouver, BC – February 8, 2023
One in four deaths are caused by heart disease and stroke in British Columbia. In fact, these conditions are the second leading cause of death within the province. But there is hope – by working together to raise awareness and crucial funds, we can ensure better outcomes for people impacted by heart disease and stroke.

Did you know that eight in 10 cases of heart disease and stroke are preventable through healthy lifestyle behaviours? When you register as a charity runner for Heart & Stroke, not only will you be putting your health first, but you will also be supporting vital research being conducted on heart disease and stroke right here in British Columbia.

Over the last 71 years, generous supporters from across Canada have helped fund Heart & Stroke research, of which findings led to the discovery of life-saving surgeries, medications and treatment plans that have made an impact on the health of people across Canada. Here are just a few examples:

  • 1954: Using a technique developed through a Heart & Stroke research grant, the first successful open-heart surgery in Canada was performed.
  • 1968: One of the first heart transplant surgeries in Canada is performed.
  • 1976: Dr. Henry Barnett conducts first clinical trial using Aspirin to prevent strokes.
  • 1990: The first genetic link to premature heart disease is discovered.
  • 1999: Clot-busting drug tPA – one of the biggest life-saving breakthroughs – is used to treat ischemic stroke.
  • 2006: Researchers identify important gender differences in the development of high blood pressure.
  • 2015: ESCAPE trial shows that treating major strokes by removing blood clots through blood vessels cuts deaths by 50% and reduces disability in survivors
  • 2019: Discovery of a molecule linked to 1 in 5 cases of heart failure creates potential for preventing this condition.

With your help, Heart & Stroke will continue to drive change by investing in life-saving research, improving health equity, promoting health, saving lives and enhancing recovery.

Please join our team and become one of our Heart & Stroke runners. Your support will help better the outcomes for the British Columbians who will be diagnosed with heart disease, stroke and related conditions this year and those who are currently living with the effects of these conditions.

Together, we can help beat heart disease and stroke.

To learn more about our efforts, visit www.heartandstroke.ca.

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