Lace Up and Make a Difference: Run for YMCA BC in the BMO Vancouver Marathon!

Vancouver, BC – March 8, 2024
Hey, runners and supportive friends! The BMO Vancouver Marathon is just around the corner, and if you’re wondering, “Am I ready? Can I do this?”—don’t worry! As the day of the run gets closer, we’re here to inspire you to not only conquer the course, but also to make a big difference by running for YMCA BC.

Staying Strong on Long Runs

Whether you’re a pro runner or gearing up for your first long-distance run, the mental game is just as important as being physically fit. The BMO Vancouver Marathon on May 5 offers beautiful views of the Pacific Ocean and a scenic route through Stanley Park. But what if the majestic scenery isn’t enough to keep you going? That’s where running for YMCA BC as a charity participant comes in. Running for a cause that really matters is a fantastic way to stay motivated during training and keep focused on reaching the finish line!

Meet Anna, a First-Time Marathon Runner with a Mission!

Starting her first marathon at 45, Anna isn’t just running longer distances. She’s also setting a personal goal to make a big impact in her community. Inspired by the challenge to reach new heights in her fitness journey, Anna chose to join up with the YMCA Charity Run Team. “Running for a cause adds an extra boost to my training, helping me stay strong and focused on my goals,” she shared.

Run for Your ‘Why’: YMCA BC

YMCA BC is a charity helping communities. With a diverse range of programs ranging in focus from health and fitness, child care, mental wellness, and support for newcomers and those seeking employment, we want everyone to have a chance for better health and a brighter future. This year, our BMO Vancouver Marathon theme is “Run for Your Why.” When you run with a purpose, you can achieve your own personal goals while supporting YMCA programs in more than 50 communities across BC. When your long training runs get tough or the finish line seems far away, remember your personal “why.” It could be a pledge to get healthier, celebrating a running milestone or, like Anna, wanting to make a difference in your community. “My ‘whys’ are to prove to myself I can do it, and to make a positive impact on the lives of others,” said Anna. “I want everyone to have access to the Y, and many can’t afford it without help.”

How You Can Help

  1. Run with Purpose: Sign up as a charity runner for YMCA BC in the BMO Vancouver Marathon and support the YMCA’s mission.
  2. Donate: If being a charity runner isn’t your thing, consider making a donation to Team YMCA. Every dollar helps YMCA BC continue its important work.
  3. Spread the Word: Share this post and inspire others to lace up for a cause that matters.
  4. Volunteer: If you’re not running, think about helping out at the YMCA water station during the event on May 5. To volunteer, contact the YMCA at [email protected].

Join Anna and our other Y charity runners in making a positive difference. Every step counts! Together, we can create a brighter future for young people and stronger, healthier communities for all.

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