Making strides towards better cancer outcomes

Vancouver, BC – January 8, 2024
Already the world’s biggest health crisis, cancer rates are expected to rise by 35% in B.C. over the next decade. As our population grows and ages, demand for cancer services is also expected to increase by 60%. We’re in a race against time with this disease but — with your help — it’s one we believe we can win.

Join us in the largest health campaign in B.C. history to raise $500 million to transform cancer care in our province. Register as a charity runner for the BC Cancer Foundation, the largest funder of cancer research in the province, and help British Columbians achieve a life beyond cancer.

Together we will:

  • invest in BC Cancer scientists and clinicians so they can continue their world-impacting work, and help our province attract and retain top talent;
  • fund innovation, deepening our global understanding of cancer and uncovering new treatment options and;
  • accelerate access to cutting-edge treatment options closer to home for everyone in every corner of the province.

B.C. boasts some of the best cancer care in Canada, if not the world, because of breakthroughs made right here at home. Over the years, donor-fuelled BC Cancer achievements have made significant impacts to cancer prevention and care, including:

  • The development of a first-of-its kind test which uses just a tablespoon of blood and provides doctors unprecedented insight into patients’ cancer make-up — increasing the opportunity to select more personalized treatment options.
  • The discovery of a life-saving new prevention strategy for ovarian cancer, opportunistic salpingectomy (OS), which removes the fallopian tubes, where ovarian cancer often originates, and is now used world-wide.
  • The first in Canada to launch a province-wide lung cancer screening program, providing access to eligible high-risk individuals at 36 sites across the province.

With your help the BC Cancer Foundation will proudly support the next wave of advancements, providing increased access to care and new hope to families across B.C. facing this disease. Here’s how:

Please join our team as one of our BC Cancer Foundation runners and help us change the outcome for the one in two British Columbians who will receive a cancer diagnosis in their lifetime.

To learn more, visit bccancerfoundation.com.

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