New Event Record Holder

Vancouver, BC – May 1, 2022

BMO Vancouver Marathon 50th Anniversary Day featured over 18,500 registered runners, a new event record.

Dayna Pidhoresky, who previously won Half Marathon in 2019, sets a new course record for the BMO Vancouver Marathon in 2:34:30, breaking the old course record of 2:37:00 formerly hold by local Kim Doerksen.

Fellow Olympian teammate Lanni Marchant also dips under that old course record in 2:36:42.

“It was a bit of a rollercoaster mentally,” adds Pidhoresky. “Lanni and I were together for most of the first half of the race. Lanni is a tough competitor, so in no way did I ever think that I had it in the bag. I was working hard the whole time.”

Chris Balestrini took the overall men’s BMO Vancouver Marathon championship crossing the finish line in 2:23:56, followed by Alex Gladley 2:25:16, and Kip Kangogo 2:25:30.

“Coming to Vancouver – it is such a big city, such a big race. You can’t go wrong with this race – it’s just so scenic, so fun,” says new BMO Vancouver Marathon champion Chris Balestrini. “Going along the seawall is just amazing.”

“Going into this race, I was thinking of racing, instead of going for a time,” adds Balestrini. “Getting into the pack and feeling what it’s like to race again. There is fun in going back to the racing mentality.”
In the BMO Vancouver Half Marathon, Justin Kent and Olympian Benjamin Preisner finish tied in a friendly 1:04:54. Leslie Sexton continues her winning season with a 1:14:56.

“It’s really cool – bringing the whole running community back together,” adds local Justin Kent. “It’s always a top-notch event. I heard that there are 3,000 volunteers – it’s amazing – we are super appreciative just to be here.”

“Going through Stanley Park, the crowds were awesome,” adds Leslie Sexton. “It was a fun time on the streets of Vancouver. The race is like a tour of the city. It’s a great way to show off what Vancouver has to offer.”

Thanks to nearly 3,000 volunteers, the local non-profit RUNVAN® is proud to continue this fantastic community event. The BMO Vancouver Marathon is now the largest Marathon race in Canada.

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