Sedin says Marathon may be next

Vancouver, BC – April 7, 2018

“There is some truth to that,” replies Daniel Sedin to the rumour he might start training for a Marathon. “Maybe the Vancouver Marathon next year, we’ll see.”

“I love running – that’s a big part of our training routine in the summertime and we’ll keep doing that,” says Sedin.

Now annually welcoming runners from 65+ countries, the BMO Vancouver Marathon boasts history that dates back to 1972 and is Vancouver’s only Marathon event.

The Sedin brothers have had a great impact on the ice, and off the ice in the community.

On ice, Daniel and Henrik Sedin have enjoyed storied NHL careers and have been part of the soul of the Canucks since making their debuts in 2000. They are the only brothers in NHL history to each score more than 1,000 career points.

“We were lucky to be drafted by the Canucks, the both of us together,” adds Daniel. The identical twin brothers went second and third overall at the 1999 Draft, only after the Canucks made a series of trades to grab both players. “We came in as teammates, and we should leave as teammates – that’s never been a question.”

“Vancouver, it’ll be our home, yeah,” adds Daniel. “Our families really enjoy it here, our kids love it here… Right now, we’re staying in Van.”

“We’re going to stay here,” confirms Henrik Sedin. “We’ll see what happens in the future.”

“I think we’re going to stay in shape,” adds Daniel Sedin, of lives after professional hockey. “We enjoy working out, and that’s a big part of our lives.”

NHL hounours include over 2,100 combined points, two Art Ross Trophies, a Hart Trophy, King Clancy Trophy and Ted Lindsay Award. In their 17-year careers, the Sedins helped the Canucks advance to the 2011 Stanley Cup Final, one of their highlights.

“We’ve always loved it here, and we were very fortunate,” adds Henrik Sedin, team captain who wore number 33. Daniel wore jersey number 22 because he was picked second overall back in that draft.

“When you become a Vancouver Canuck, doing things in the community is part of being a Canuck,” adds Daniel. “That means a lot to us, that means a lot to all players on this team. It’s a special City that way, a special organization, and we’ve been fortunate to have been part of that.”

In classic Sedin-style, the twins teamed up to score twice, including the game winning goal in OT in their final career game on home ice this past week.

The Canucks now close out their season this Saturday in Edmonton.

Crowd support for the loved Canucks has been fantastic, and fans have shown their support on social media with hashtag #ThankYouSedins

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Daniel isn’t hitting the couch. He may starting training for a marathon.

“There is some truth to that,” he said. “Maybe the Vancouver Marathon next year. I love running and it’s a big part of our training routine in the summer and we’ll keep doing that.

What about Henrik running a marathon?

“We’ll see,” added Daniel. “We love running and we’ll keep doing it and if we feel we can run a marathon, we’ll do it.”

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