Street Festival Details

Vancouver, BC – February 2, 2014

Come Out to the Street Festival

What is the Finish Line Street Festival?

The Street Festival is a fun and family-friendly event, where supporters reunite with runners; runners gather to celebrate their accomplishments; and everyone experiences the excitement of race day with local musicians, vendors, a Kids Zone, and a Charity Village.

Where can I meet my friends and family?

Runners will reunite with their supporters in the Family Reunion area or in another pre-determined location at the Festival.

Where is the Street Festival?

The Street Festival is located on West Hastings Street between Bute and Thurlow Street—only one block away from the Finish Line and about five minutes from Waterfront Station.

Bike to the Street Festival: Travelsmart, a division of Translink, will provide a free bike valet. Check out travelsmart.ca to plan your route.

When is the Street Festival?

The Street Festival opens at 8:30 am and closes at 2:30 pm, once the majority of runners have crossed the Finish Line.

Can I check my results at the Street Festival?

Yes! At the Results Tent, volunteers will use handheld devices to find your finish time.

How will runners get from the Finish Line to the Street Festival?

Volunteers will help guide runners north on Thurlow Street towards the Street Festival on West Hastings.

Information for Platinum Runners only

Arrange to meet your support crew at the Street Festival outside of the Coast Hotel (West Hastings/Bute Street). Your friends and family will not be allowed in the Platinum Recovery Area with you.

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