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The Walking School Bus

You can enable opportunity for underprivileged children by providing access to education.

Worldwide, children face numerous barriers to acquiring an education. Many low-income countries have infrastructural restrictions, preventing safe and reasonable methods of transportation to schools. Often, students and their families are so financially burdened that students do not have adequate nutritional sustenance to focus on their studies. Furthermore, many schools do not have the resources or support needed to provide adequate and up-to-date curriculum to their students.

The Walking School Bus (TWSB) sees each of these barriers as a collective problem that requires a holistic solution. TWSB is a research-based charity that empowers educational attainment through a holistic, 3-pronged approach of providing access to:

  • Safe and reliable transportation;
  • Sustainable and healthy nutrition; and
  • Interactive and state-of-the-art curriculum

TWSB has applied their holistic model throughout Uganda and India, working with researchers and community leaders to apply unique solutions that best meet the needs of the communities involved. TWSB has made an impact on educational attainment in its partner communities, and is in the process of duplicating and scaling its research model.

TWSB’s research-driven approach has proven its effectiveness, from installing water catchment systems, building chicken coops, funding and implementing school buses and routes, or developing it’s renowned global reading app. The solutions that TWSB applies are diverse and unique, and are each carefully researched and implemented with the underlying goal of making an impact by increasing access to education.

Through collaboration with the BMO Vancouver Marathon RUN4HOPE program, TWSB runners will help the organization raise funds to continue implementing and expanding research and projects abroad. Your donations increase opportunity for children worldwide by increasing access to their education.

Please join our team as one of The Walking School Bus runners. To learn more, connect to TWSB RUN4HOPE.

About The Walking School Bus

The Walking School Bus supports access to education by providing a holistic approach to educational attainment. This three-prong approach of Access, Nutrition, and Curriculum helps students get to school, ensures they’re well fed, and improves their curriculum.

Learn what Business Insider has to say about their sustainable School Bus Model and what Anderson Cooper thinks about their Reading Program.

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