6 Tips for a successful virtual race

Vancouver, BC – April 29, 2020



Thanks for joining us for this year’s BMO Vancouver Marathon Virtual Race!

Registered runners have the opportunity to complete this race on their own, at their place and pace of choice! Choose your own race day, your own Start and Finish Line, whether it’s a treadmill, a park, or your neighbourhood streets – it’s all up to you! If you registered pre COVID-19, please still opt-in to ensure you claim your race package. We still want to reward you for all that training you’ve been doing! New runners may also join at bmovanmarathon.ca/virtualrace.

To ensure you have a fun and successful race, here are 6 tips for your next BMO Vancouver Marathon Virtual Race:

1. Plan your route ahead of time.

It might not seem that significant, but when it comes to your Virtual Race, winging it is not the way to go! Whether you’re running loops around your neighbourhood, through quiet, secluded trails, or on a treadmill at home, have a solid race plan before you take off. Pick a route that works well for you where you can practice safe, physical distancing and adhere to the guidelines of your local health authorities.

Take advantage of our Virtual Race Bag, and check out the Virtual Running Advisor Program from Running Room to calm any pre-race nerves.

2. Consider all race conditions.

The benefit to a make-your-own race is you have full control of the race conditions. Have a date planned but, in the days leading up, consider changing variables like the weather, time of day, traffic congestion, and more. Be flexible – if it’s raining one day, wait it out! Ideal race conditions can be between 10 to 15ºC and overcast, what we’ve become accustomed to at the BMO Vancouver Marathon.

3. Take safety precautions.

Aside from practicing safe, physical distancing, be alert of vehicle and pedestrian traffic. Remember, there are no road closures in effect during your Virtual Race! Try to stay on sidewalks or trails as much as possible and be sure to obey all traffic signals. If you’re going to listen to music, ensure you can still hear what’s going on around you. Treadmill racing may also be an option for you.

On Race Day, runners usually wear a race bib with a timing chip and emergency contact info. For safety reasons, give someone else your race route and have an emergency contact located on your body or phone while you’re out just in case.

4. Track your timing and distance with a fitness watch or app.

There are many options to track your time and kilometres during your BMO Vancouver Marathon Virtual Race. Many runners tend to run with a running GPS or smart watch such as FitBit, Garmin or Apple, but others may simply opt for using a fitness app on their phone. Tracking apps such as Strava, RunGo or Runkeeper are free in both the Apple and Google Play store.

After your race, you’ll be able to upload your GPS-verified time and see how you stack up against other runners! You may also manually input your time.

5. Stay hydrated during your race.

Have a plan in place to stay hydrated and energized during your BMO Vancouver Marathon Virtual Race. Whether it be with a hydration pack, water belt, or having a friend pass you water at a designated location, plan a way to get your own water, electrolytes and fuel during your run. You could even plan a route that includes your residence and have your cheer section set up an aid station to cheer you on!

Typically hydration stations at the BMO Vancouver Marathon include Clif, Nuun and water. We also have Pit Stop Portables throughout the course traditionally. Plan accordingly for your Virtual Race!

6. Join us at the Virtual Finish Line on social!

After your race, share a celebratory photos on social and join us at the Virtual Finish Line! Tag @bmovanmarathon @runvancanada and hashtag #bmovm #runvan to see how other runners have completed their Virtual Race. We’re sending virtual congratulations and high-fives to runners all around the world. While we may be distanced physically, let’s stay socially connected!

Runners may also participate in the Brooks ‘Run Happy’ Scavenger Hunt for a chance to win a pair of Brooks running shoes! Snap photos as you complete your Virtual Race and share them online to participate. Have fun out there!

You can find more tips on our site for getting ready pre-race, oncourse and post-race.

Bonus Solo Run tips from the Running Room

Read some more bonus tips from the Running Room who are also offering a free Virtual Running Advisor Program featuring gait analysis and running advice, at bmovanmarathon.ca/virtualadvisor

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